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We provide a 2-year manufacturing warranty for each of our wooden products and a 6-month warranty for textile products. If the product has any fractures or damages that have appeared during usage and it is connected to the quality of manufacturing or materials we will replace it.

Please, send the following info to our email [email protected]:
  • Order number;
  • Name and email which you provided when placed the order;
  • Photos and description of the imperfections;

There are 2 ways how we can resolve your warranty claim:

In case of issues with the specific part of the item, we identify the part and send you the replacement for free, covering all the shipping costs.

In case the whole item needs to be replaced, you will need to send us clear detailed photos of the item and we will solve the issue individually.

DO NOT LEAVE THE ITEMS OUTSIDE. THEY ARE FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. Our warranty does not cover the damages caused by the weather conditions if items are left outside.

If you have any questions please contact our support by email and we will solve any issues as soon as possible.